Barbara LeMaster, B.S. ED. is the Visual/Perceptual Coordinator and co-creator of VIP at Willowbrook. She has been providing visual and perceptual training to those in need for over 30 years. Throughout her career, she has been able to help thousands of patients improve their underdeveloped visual skills and greatly improve their academic and professional performance. Before becoming a therapist, Barbara was an elementary school teacher and the educational coordinator for the Tri-State Child Development Center. She is also involved in her community by taking active roles in various leadership committees.

Dr. Duane G. Krupar is the founder and owner of Willowbrook Eye Care Associates and VIP at Willowbrook. Dr. Krupar is a graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. He has been in private practice in the Greensburg area for 32 years. He is constantly on the cutting edge of technology and is always finding ways to improve the quality of care that can be provided to his patients. Currently with the expansion of concussion services in the practice, Dr. Krupar is performing binocular/concussion evaluations for these patients.

Dr. Jeffrey A. Begg is a co-founder/co-owner of Willowbrook Eye Care Associates and VIP at Willowbrook. He has been in private optometric practice for over nine years. He graduated with both clinical and academic honors from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. Dr. Begg practices full scope primary care optometry and performs binocular exams and progress evaluations for Willowbrook Eye Care Associates. He is well versed in the medical aspect of Optometry and brings those diagnostic skills to the practice.

Jessica DiLorenzo is the assistant to visual/perceptual coordinator Barbara LeMaster. She also handles therapy scheduling and patient insurance submission.                                   
“During my 3 years of working at VIP, I have seen vision therapy be a blessing to our patients. I am truly honored to be a part of this program. We do amazing work here. I have seen first hand that anyone who dedicates themselves to vision therapy, whether child or adult, can benefit from the service we provide.”

Mary Gilmore is an optometric professional who performs medical testing in the eye care office and is a welcomed addition to our vision therapist staff. 
“I have three years experience specializing in special education with the middle school student. I was astounded to see that patients who are diagnosed with visual conditions have many of the same symptoms of the students I worked with. These children carry a label of ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, and dyslexia. Education’s frequently used option is to accommodate these conditions with an IEP that only helps to support their deficit. Vision therapy gives them skills and tools to help correct these visually related learning problems and provide them an opportunity to go above and beyond expected levels.”

Kim Hantz is a vision therapist with 5 years experience in the area of binocular and perceptual therapy.
“During my time as a therapist, I have had an opportunity to witness wonderful transformations in our patients. Improved self-esteem, academic success, and reduced physical symptoms to name a few. I know first hand the toll an undiagnosed visual related learning problem has on not only the child but the entire family. I am a mother of a child whose visual/perceptual delays were corrected with vision therapy. I firmly believe that she would not be a successful student today without vision therapy. It was life changing for her and our family.”

Sherry Siniawski is a vision therapist with 14 years experience in the area of binocular and perceptual therapy.
“As a former teacher, I was frustrated with children who struggled to learn. I spent countless hours revamping my lessons to try to meet the needs of these students. This became frustrating for my students and me. Now as a vision therapist, it is a privilege to have the opportunity to help patients uncover the skills necessary to learn. I now focus on how a child learns, rather than what a child learns. It is rewarding to see lives change and patients become more productive and efficient at learning. I am grateful to work with a team that has the knowledge to guide those willing to improve their visual/perceptual system through vision therapy.”

Charlotte Bohinc is a vision therapist with 7 years experience in the area of binocular and perceptual therapy.
“It is a rewarding experience to work with our patients as they learn to develop their visual system. It is exciting to see them enjoying reading and doing more near work because of better comfort and less fatigue. The ‘aha-moments’ of my job are when the patient finally understands what they need to do to achieve the goal of eye teaming without extreme effort. More importantly, they are now able to integrate it, so they can repeat it time and time again. Helping a patient to eliminate headaches, double vision, or whatever visual symptom they were experiencing before vision therapy is a wonderful feeling. I never get tired of hearing, ‘Thank you for helping me.’”

Barbara LeMaster is a vision therapist with 30 years experience in the area of binocular and perceptual therapy. She is the therapy administrator who works directly with patients and staff to correct visual or perceptual delays.
“Over the years it has been my honor to work with such an amazing group of people. I truly believe we not only correct visual and perceptual delays but change lives. We give patients therapeutic strategies that will open up their world; allowing them to navigate through their challenges rather than avoid them.  As a result, they are no longer limited by their vision or negative concepts of self.  A recent concussion patient explained, ‘I came to vision therapy to build my eye muscles and ended up changing my brain.’ I am blessed to have dedicated my career to uplifting patients, so they can dream in possibilities and create the successful lives they deserve.”